Night Time Adventures


— the world is beautiful at this time of the night.
the  world is quiet and nothing feels real
not even the problems that gnaw at your mind during the day.
there are thousands, even millions of stars
that freckle the night sky and as you
stare at them you realize that
stargazing always seems to make things better.
the world is beautiful at this time of the
night, I just wish more people
were awake to experience it. —



Reesor Lake at Sunset – about 15 minute drive from Elkwater. I am always in awe of this lake and the pelicans that dot the surface of the water whenever I am there.

June 12 – Elkwater Lake Dark Sky Preserve

I spent a few days at home on my parents’ ranch in southern Alberta, and although I currently don’t have a camera of my own, my mom was more than happy to lend me hers.
I took full advantage of my freedom and spent hours driving around, with my pup (Lady) in the back seat, taking photos, watching as the sun went down and the stars came up.
I always enjoy my time spent in Elkwater, nestled in the heart of the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, less than an hours drive from Medicine Hat, Alberta. It’s worth a day trip, but even more worth a few days spent in a tent around a campfire.
It is peaceful, and as a dark sky preserve, I can honestly say I’ve never seen stars so beautiful.


Elkwater Lake shoreline at dusk.

      Monday night was magic, and I had a hard time leaving the lake side. Lady had a hard time leaving it too, being the water dog that she is.
But as the storm clouds rolled in, I packed up my gear. It wasn’t the first time I spent hours at the lake, and it won’t be the last.

 Until next time – sweet, calming water.

— cassie —


Forever one of my happiest places.