In space under the sea.


“This seems like the kind of place I would find you.” 


Words had never rang more true as I turned my face to the sky (ceiling) and let the bubbles float down to pop on my galaxy-covered face. I was dancing among space creatures, and swimming through a crowd of dolphins, and I was happy and at peace with the loud bass and cheering voices.
Saturday night’s Dolphin Party 2.0 was the culprit of these euphoric feelings, and the trip to the depths of the oceans of outer space was just what I needed to last me the next few weeks before taking off to Shambhala.

Just a simple Saturday night party, with a few amazing performances, but with all the meaning of a thousand galaxies spinning and whirling through the hearts and minds of those of us just working our way through the mundane days, waiting so patiently to let our freak flags fly.
The intimate party, held at Lord Nelsons Pub and Grill, was something so much more than magical and was what all of us had been waiting for and needing. So many strangers gathering in one place, but with familiar faces littered through the crowd, I felt safe, and I felt at home, the same way I would in the forest, under the stars – the very stars we were honouring that night.


With so many creatures gracing the floor, from space pirates to intergalactic warriors, and sharks and rubber duckies galore, the night flew by on a cloud – a cloud of friendship, of familiarity, and of love; love for each and every person who came out to play.
Two point oh – the second of it’s kind – bringing an intense and vibrant energy to the bar that has held it’s fair amount of shows in the years past. The second of it’s kind, but hopefully not the last, as once again the sea dwellers sought back out into the night with fuel enough to last them until the night when they can reconvene again.



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