Welcome Home

“I do not want to love you
in fair weather.

It is easy to love
a sunny day
where the breeze
is cool on your back
as the sun beats down
hard on you.
I want you to give me
your storm,
tornados of emotions
the parts of you
that hide away
because no one else
can handle them.
apologize to no one,
my darling.” – Nikita Gill

Words written on paper are not enough for me. I want them written on souls around the world – around the universe.

I want the interesting creatures who inhabit this wonderful planet to read what I write and maybe find solace in the words the way I find peace when I write them.

I’m just an infinite universe, in a mere mortal, wandering my way through the stars, and every moment in this existence is an adventure – or can be looked at as one.

Find comfort in my words, and beauty in my photography, and fun in the little things I craft and do. I will share my universe with you if you share your soul with me.

We are in this together.

— cassie —